Saturday, March 17, 2012

And Saturday it is!!

It is ANOTHER fantastic day in Louisville! Are you tired of hearing me say it? Really- everything is in bloom-tulip trees, pear trees, weeping cherry, forsythia- I expect the dogwoods in two weeks. Crazy! The daffodils are fading for pete's sake!

Our usual round- a packed coffee shop for iced coffee- hey, it's been 80+degrees, walk to the market which was filled with folks lined up for anything they had.
 Here's the haul from the market. The folks we get the stone cut oatmeal from have begun making wheat bread from flour they mill- couldn't pass that up!

No chicken for a while so a bit of ground bison for the week.

 Ah, fresh salad mix. Won't that be tasty tonight? Or any night?

 Russian kale for a sauté soon! Isn't it pretty? Love the sage leaves and purple stems.

The afore mentioned bread - I had a sample- it was delicious! And a basket of garlic chives to go in the salad.

And what would a beautiful Saturday post be without a picture of kids with bubbles and popsicles?

And for those who like adorning things and words. Here is something you might like- I took the picture so I would remember to make some and use my own double sided tape

I love Heidi Swapp's idea of file folders for memory events with photos, the above is from her collection. Easy to store in a file folder box and you just pull out one folder to share an event like a birthday. You can get a lot of photos in little books attached to the folder though holes and string on stapling. Add envelopes of journaling. Love this. I think I will paint or glue paper to file folders I have for this groovy idea.
 You can see a video here:
Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm headed to buy and spread mulch.


Lindalou said...

I love seeing your weekly hauls. Your market has so much great stuff. It sounds so fun.

Yogi said...

I love your haul stuff too. I see you had a lovely St Pat's day. Yup I'm envious of all the nice weather and blooms. Not really complaining about the weather here, for up north it's quite pleasant, but no blooms yet...

sue said...

I just spent wayyyy too long looking at the Heidi Swapp stuff. Very cool concept!