Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring has sprung and it's Saturday!

It's Saturday, you know. So where else would I be on such a beautiful day but the farmers market?
Me and a whole lot of other people had the same idea.
Yes, you know it- another FABULOUS day in KY!
Isn't this the sweetest succulent plant?  I'm thinking of a mini succulent garden this summer living in an old pair of crocs with holes on my backyard fence.

 I couldn't' pass up a picture of this bright honey. I eat a teaspoon a day of local honey to help desensitize me to local allergens.
 We will get to the haul later but next stop since there was no stone cut oats at the market-no prepared food at all today-East End Cafe for breakfast of yogurt, fruit, granola, honey and scrambled egg.
I thought these decorated eggs in stemware were perfect for the season. They were everywhere in the restaurant. Cute!
When we arrived home, everything was just so lush I had to take a photo- this looks like my typical May photo and it is only the third week of March! Look how full the daylillies are! The dogwood in bloom and the azaleas.

 And- my roses have buds! Oh my! It is just crazy.

On to the haul- yummy!  Can you tell our chicken guy was back?  He said he would have breasts for about two more weeks and then none for a while- 3 packages, please! And a whole bird, too. 

 Stopped at a local candy store on the way home to scope out Easter possibilities and brought home this little sample of organic chocolate-delicious. They had cute bunnies, ducks, chicks and they all  had names! I'll have to take some photos next week so you can meet them.

 The lovely Russian kale which was soooo good last week. Two bunches today, please. This cooks down to nothing you know. Each bunch enough for one meal- we are big eaters here.
A close-up of my little succulent.

 Iris blooming across the street!

A sea of Claire's pansies at the market

J and I also went to a delightful wedding. This couple met in elementary school and reacquainted last year when each was dining with their mother at a local restaurant. Met, dated, got engaged and now married. He has two precious little boys, she's never been married. It was sweet, sweet, sweet.
She made the oh, so cute votive decorations which I will tell you took a little time for all 30+ of them.


The programs were the absolute cutest things with drawings the kids had done decorating them along with one paper flower.

Cute banner behind cupcake table (they were popular!)

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Yogi said...

what a day. Sheesh. Your weather and flowers are amazing. We got snow up here, not much, but it's still here... Supposed to go up to +9c (50f).
Cute wedding pics. yup, those flower rings must have taken a bit of time to make, but really nice.
Have a great day