Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This is J and me heading to the market. Spring has sprung here and it has been fabulous.
 I'm so happy my neighbor has these in his/her yard. They make me happy every time I pass by.

There wasn't a lot we needed from the market. Two things we wanted weren't there: chicken breasts and brussel sprouts. :(

 We passed some Girl Scouts on the way to market and I snagged two boxes, which remain unopened at present.
If you can believe that!
 I think Jim is planning on grilling some bison steak soon!
We had grilled chicken last night after realizing the oven isn't working and the house had a lot of gas from the unlit oven. Boo.

 What's your favorite cookie?

I've become a big fan of stone cut oats. This has cranberry and almonds. Yum!

And an afternoon at the park with these precious ones.

It was a fabulous day.

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