Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Farmers Market, etc

We had an overnight guest Friday night and enjoyed his gymnastics practice Saturday morning and so decided to visit a farmers market in another part of town instead of our market. I'm hoping to have him as a regular overnight visitor this summer!
He is a night owl and his Jams is not! But, movies kept the night owl happy while I snoozed on the LR floor until 1 when I went to bed!

 This is the haul from the St. Matthew's market.  It was fun to run into people I knew there. Kate, from church and her husband were providing the music, Neil, a friend of my sons, was selling Kenny's Cheese, and Linda (my Bridge Babe friend) and Bruce were there with their recommendations.
 I needed a couple more blooming plants for the window boxes. There is so much shade that blooms are a challenge especially in one box. We will see how these do.

 Chef Jim fixed eggplant parmesan for dinner last night with these guys. Yummy!
 We had a summer cucumber, onion, tomato salad for dinner Saturday night.
 Part of these beans were used in my favorite summer potato salad with green beans, scallions, olive oil, vinegar, and basil. So good and good for you.
 These are going fast. Super juicy and delicious. I had two last night cut up with a sprinkle of Leaping Lemon granola.
 I think this kale is on the menu tonight with some Texas-sized t-bones for 4th of July!
 Also on the menu is bruschetta for an afternoon snack, which I can't wait for- it is one of my summertime favorites.
 We had corn, beans, ham, peppers just thrown together for a supper Sunday.
I tried this bread from Great Harvest. A little sweet for my taste-I know we Americans love our sugar but in sandwich bread it is not my thing. I had it with a BLT for lunch yesterday.

No big plans for 4th of July except for a movie with my Jim, Marigold Hotel-love the actors in it, and evidently a steak dinner later. 
Here's a picture of my Amy and her open water training partner. She is prepping for a Triathlon Sprint this month, which I think is a 1/4 mile swim, 13 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. Go Girl!
(She didn't get it from her mother)

Wishing my US friends a Happy 4th of July!
 Oh, and I took a watercolor class at the Watercolor Society this week. Love, loved it!  Worked on Masa paper- Japanese paper with texture that you can wad up and paint on the add texture to your art.
Here is a card and painting I did.


Yogi said...

oh boy, lots going on this week. You can keep the 105ยบ, I like it a bit cooler... Nice haul from the market and interesting menus coming up.
That triathlon sounds rough. Interesting watercolor things. Glad you enjoyed the class.
Have a great day.
I should be having another wax crayon day tomorrow with another friend.

Amy said...

Love love this this post, mom!