Sunday, September 02, 2012

Catching up

I've taken my market pictures every week but just haven't gotten to the computer to blog. Late summer has brought other ways to spend my time so, let's catch up a bit.

 How can it have been so long?

 I've been hard boiling eggs for quick protein and making a great breakfast with half english muffin, slice of tomato and fresh mozzarella that I put in toaster oven and top with fresh basil and egg when toasted.

These are just the sweetest grapes!

This is a fav on chicken, fish and vegetables and omelets!!

 #2 (1/2 price) tomatoes
Sunflowers from the young farmers

Don't the purple grapes and green beans look great together?
It's apple season!

 This is the 18th's haul which was pretty tasty!

 I've bought the best peaches this year and have had about one every day
 I didn't write down the varieties, but I liked all of them, the red one was Gala.
 Okra for our Limping Susan recipe and beets for Mom for her birthday!
 The peppers were beautiful! 
 The corn has been unpredictable this was just so-so
 I bought a bunch of basil, my plants are fading, and made pesto!

 Love getting my flowers for the week!
 Voila! Pesto- this I froze in these ice cube trays to add to soups or for one person serving.
 Last week's haul
 More peaches! I'm sure they will be gone by the next time I'm at the market which won't be until September 15.
 These beauties became the stuffed peppers below

I got this recipe on Pinterest and passed it on to Chef Jim. They were really good. You can go to my Pinterest page and look under fun with food to find the recipe. 

Oh, I have to mention Brent, our omelet maker at the market who  teaches English at a local high school. We talked about he beginning of school and I was so excited about what they are doing. Another teacher got a grant for a greenhouse and garden at the school and the English reading will all have something to do with food! My kind of reading! Then the kids will also cook food from the garden. The teachers cooked the first week. The kids who have class right before lunch hang out there and eat with them. So cool! I want to be in Brent's class!

I'm in Seattle and have lots to tell you about in the next post and am going to the Ballard farmers market in just a bit, I'll show you what they had to offer, too.
Enjoy your day!

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Yogi said...

I've been missing your posts BIG GRIN. always love checking out your wonderful pics of food and your side comments. Have a nice time in Seattle. Looking forward to your posts.
I've been busy creating my new art room in my living room. 3 shelving units built (floor to ceiling, wall to wall). Fourth one in the making and then have to make my main center table - a biggie... Have a great day