Monday, September 03, 2012

Seattle, Part One

I love my visits to Seattle, primarily because I get to see my sweet A and R. And they plan such interesting things for us to do- I throw in a few touristy events just for fun!
Day one took us to Lake Union kayaking. Lucky for us they have a boat for three so we could all be together. I had explored the downtown edge of Lake Union in the morning visiting the waterfront park and watching sea planes take off from the lake.
We kayaked toward Freemont to the Freemont bridge hoping to get a glimpse of the houseboat used in Sleepless in Seattle. It's quite possible we saw it but didn't know which one it was, there are so many cute ones. I decided if I lived here, I would definitely have a houseboat. Their friend, Katy, has one. We paddled by and yelled a hello to the house, but no one was home.

 We stopped along the bank near Gas Works Park to do some blackberry picking
Here's a view toward the Space Needle.
 Cute houseboat and big!
 Freemont bridge waiting for a much larger boat than us to pass through
 Gas Works Park
 Houseboat with wonderful spinning glass mobile

 Geese in the park
 Flowers in the park

After boating we went to Ivar's for a snack, it's right on Lake Union and we had a seat by the dock. Thought Ez and O would like a picture of a totem pole.

 Raccoon visitor
View of the Space Needle on the way to day 2 fun in the Cascades.

 At the foot of Rattlesnake Ledge
 Amy and I heading up-pause for a photo op

 Almost there!

 Going down- it was a moderate challenge up and down this trail. Almost 2 miles up to an elevation of 1160 ft.
 Looking up at the pine canopy
 More berry picking- crazy girl was climbing in the brambles!
But, we got a pint as a reward. The blackberries grow wild everywhere. You just have to look and find them.

We ended day two with a ride on the new Seattle Wheel on the waterfront. Yes, a tourist attraction but worth the price of admission, at least once anyway.
I'm sure it is prettier at sunset but still we had a nice view of Mt. Rainier, downtown, West Seattle and Bainbridge Island.
There is an executive cab with a glass bottomed floor and leather interior for about 3 times what we paid. I'd say to never opt for that, our white cab with solid floor and fabric benches was super. We shared a pod with another group of three.

It's been a fine two days.
Coming up- Ballard farmers market and craft day.

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