Wednesday, September 05, 2012

More Seattle News

We had a craft day Sunday afternoon with Amy, Rachel, Bryn (sister to Rachel) and myself.  I worked on an idea I saw online- journal shrinky dink charms, with limited success. Amy worked on a cute gift for a niece of theirs, and Bryn worked on pillow shams with remnant fabric she bought some time ago. Rachel made corn equites as her craft.

  Amy and Sweater Cat- 
if you know the Kissels- this is a secret gift going home with me so no sharing of the blog or photo!! Shhhh.

 Rachel's take on corn esquites

 Bryn and her new shams

My in-process and finished charms. 

I wrote out creativity quotes with sharpie pen and filled in the loops with colored sharpie. The problem was that when they curled and sometimes flipped when uncurling, the colored side landed down on the brown paper and transferred the ink to the paper. Boo. So, about 2/3 came out acceptably.

Mom and daughter hug

We also went for a long walk to see the mountains at sunset, not too successfully, and caught a good look at a beautiful moon.
I've been getting in more than my 30 minutes of exercise a day.
Monday was a relaxed day with A and R working from home. I did some reading, napping and then a long 5 mile walk around Greenwood Lake and to the PCC grocery nearby and back home.

Tuesday was my downtown day. I took in my fav sites like Pike Place Market, Peugeot Sound, a 20 minute visit to Nordstroms Rack.
I absolutely never tire of Pike Place Market. I did pass on my usual Halibut sandwich from Market Grill this time and opted for a Piroshky instead with smoked mozzarella, mushroom and broccoli. Had to get Lemon Ginger Current cookies from Three Girls Bakery, though.

 I never tire of the gum wall!

 I left one of my free RAK packs on the wall!

 Thought this bench was interesting and liked the red and turquoise together

 Frozen crab waving hello!

 Flowers, flowers everywhere!

 Loved these block printed cards and bought a few to take home with me

 Yes, more flowers!

 Isn't this maroon and green combo lovely?

 Pasta shells, anyone?

 Where I ate lunch

And some views on the sound

 One last market picture

Coming up-University of Washington photos with a great view of Mount Rainier and sunset in Seattle.
Today I'm off to explore Capitol Hill area and maybe ferry over to Bainbridge!


Lindalou said...

What fun you are having. Your photos are great and that gum wall is so interesting. Beautiful in a kind of ewww way.

I think your charms are adorable.

Yogi said...

glad you're having such a great time. Weather looks great. Love the mom and daughter pic. Charms look fabulous. Love the gum wall.. Have more great days.

donna said...

Frozen crab waving hello...made me laugh. Hard to say which is cuter...Amy or the Sweater Cat. I'd say you had another wonderful visit with your PNW family.