Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My favorite coffee

I was feeling a bit blue last week and decided I needed some of my favorite coffee to cheer me up. I know coffee I like when I drink it, I haven't learned yet what it is that MAKES it coffee I like. My favorite coffee ever I bought in Alaska last August. I brought a pound (or whatever amount they sell coffee in these days)home with me and a pound for my daughter for Christmas. I have long since brewed all of it. So, I found their website, which can be found in my links, and ordered a bag of Misty Fjords (my known favorite) and to try something different, Resurrection Blend. Not only is the coffee fantastic, the artwork on the packaging is just as inspiring and probably part of the appeal for me.
The great thing is that I forgot I ordered it until it came a week later! Ahhhhhh, back to yummy coffee that calls me to get up in the morning! This time of year I brew it a bit stronger than usual, chill and have it iced. Oh, the joys of summer mornings with a glass of iced Raven's Brew.

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