Saturday, June 16, 2007

White on White fat book pages

Today I worked on a prototype for my white on white fat book on the byhandartists yahoogroup. I typically think of vintage when I think of white, but while at the beach this summer, I was reminded of all the shades of white on the beach. The sand in the panhandle of Florida is sugar-white but tan when wet. Many of the sea birds are white. The foam of the water, the water itself near the shore, the mist on a windy day- all shades of white. So I decided to use a funky sandpiper stamp and shades of blue-white to tan-white for this fun page. I gathered the shells on the beach with this project in mind.
On a sad note, my dear friend and bridge partner for many, many years lost her battle with Melanoma today. She put forth a brave effort to live in general, but especially to know of the birth of her first grandchildren, twin boys-Jackson and Duncan, who are about two weeks old. I have kept our "Bridge Babes" scrapbook since 1992. We have taken trips to the beach, to a friend's lakehouse, annual bazaar treks, had pool parties and celebrated and shared sorrows together for many years. This page is a tribute to her and reminder that I will always remember her. The tags behind the picture pocket are for each "Bridge Babe" to use to write a favorite memory of her. Here's to you, my friend, to a life lived well and full. I'll miss you at the bridge table.


Mary-Beth said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. How wonderful tho that she got to see her grandsons!

ArtCricket said...

Thanks, M-B. She saw pics but didn't get to see them. They live 3 hours away and were premature and had to stay in the hospital. Duncan, who had open heart surgery a week ago is still hospitalized. I expect Tricia will come for the funeral and bring Jackson.