Tuesday, October 16, 2007


by my art friend Mary-Beth, so honored that she likes my art and visits my blog. My challenge is to list one fact that is somehow relevant to my life using the letters of my middle name, Shaw, which is also my Mother's maiden name and my daughter's middle name, too. I used it as my first name for a while in high school- I was new in town and there were 5 Elizabeth's in my class.
S-seeker of knowledge
H-hardly ever bored
A-art lover, oh so easy
W-wondering where life will lead me.
Now I am to tag people in equal number to the letters of my middle name.
I don't know a lot of art bloggers but I will choose some of those who's art I get to not only see, but touch sometimes.
Linda T
Julie K in Taiwan
Therese Malak
Sandy Proulx
consider yourself tagged, my art friends. Enjoy a moment of self-reflection.

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