Monday, March 23, 2009

Giveaway winners!

I used the random number picker to choose the winners! The numbers that came up were 1-Yogi, 9-Sue, and 10-Wanda! Wanda, I believe your address is correct in the byhand RAK list, if not, shoot me an email. You'll receive them in order left to right.
I didn't return to work today, I am taking another two weeks off. I won't know how to act when I return after 9 weeks off from dental hygiene. My hand is still somewhat painful and swollen and the office was closed next week for Spring break anyway, so my employer suggested I just return after that and give the hand more rest. So, it is.
ATCs will head out in the mail tomorrow. Thanks for playing and reading my blog!


Yogi said...

Way to go... Who'd a thunk.
Yup my address is correct.
Thanks a bunch

Wanda H said...

Cool!!! Thanks so much!!! Yes, the address is correct. Sounds good your hand is getting a bit more rest... I hope it continues to heal.

donna said...

Congrats to Yogi, Wanda & Sue. They're lucky ducks. How do you know about such things as random number picker? I don't know exactly what happened to your poor hand, but my SIL broke her ankle back in Oct and then fell and broke her wrist days later. She's been getting PT for both and it's been a long road back but she's doing well now. Be patient.

Quietfire Style said...

These are gorgeous!