Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More fun with air alcohol ink

Well, clearly I am obsessed with this technique because it is full of the element of surprise. I love the different colors combos and the shapes. Consider yourself warned that this is highly addictive and you will use a lot of canned air!
The color combos are:
Cranberry,Eggplant and Red Pepper
Oregano,Lettuce and Stream
Denim and Eggplant
with a little overlap splash here and there.
I like them just plain. Who know what they will become?


donna said...

I made note of the first thing that came to mind when viewing these and it was sea urchins. This is why I don't write art reviews. I,too, like the color combos but becoming addicted to canned air scares me....just kidding. Are you sure you don't mind me making comments on your blog? I'm sooo lacking in the art department.

sue said...

I have a different color set of the alcohol inks. We should get together sometime and share colors.
I got my wonderful atc yesterday! Love it! Just don't know why your stamps show up and mine didn't.

Yogi said...

I can see why you're addicted. They're great. Just so serendipitous...

donna said...

Thanks for making me feel comfortable when visiting your blog. I'll just keep on blabbering about my deficiencies in the art department. One of the nicest things that I remember about living in Louisville is the early spring you experience there...beautiful and delightful and smells oh so good. Enjoy!