Monday, August 15, 2011

Farmers market 8/13

This week was a special farmers market because Amy was here to enjoy it, too!  We headed out on our usual trek with a stop at Day's for coffee and then off to Kizito to pick up ginger muffins- a special request that they went to a lot of trouble to honor.
Then it was on to the market. Yum-tomatoes, including my favorite Cherokee Purple, okra (Star of David variety), peaches for peach and tomato salad, corn, chicken, of course, flowers, cheese, hot pepper butter, the same I slather on my omelet every week- sweet, hot, spicy-delicious! Oh, yes, and blackberries. Already made (and have eaten) the peach and tomato salad.  Easy peasy. Peel and seed tomatoes, peel peaches, course chop both place in bowl. Chop up fresh basil add to fruit and splash a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil, salt and pepper and crumble a little soft goat cheese. It is soooo good.

The goods

Kizito yumminess
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Another fabulous week of goodness. Jim made brown rice, okra and bacon casserole, barbecue chicken, and I added the peach and tomato salad for dinner last night. Left overs were lunch today. I love good eating.


Yogi said...

everything looks and sounds just scrumptious. Pics are fabulous, especially that tomato pic. Have another great day and week.

Amy said...

Yay! I love that I was there! :) BTW, I saw this and thought of you. I might order something for Bryn and Marcus' beach party. LOVE YOU!

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

I loved having you here!! It is a cool, cloudy day. School is finally starting tomorrow for E. All the schools got their internet and phone service back today.

Sue said...

I got okra in my box this week. I think tomorrow I am going to try a recipe for roasted....but I might need Jim's recipe too. I'm just so unsure about okra. Do we eat the whole thing, no peeling?

Ruby's Girl said...

Made the Peach and tomato salad tonight and LOVED it!! Thanks for the recipe and perfect for all of the peaches and tomatoes that are available here in the Okanagan valley of B.C. i plan on having this every night now ; ) Love all of your photos too.