Sunday, August 21, 2011

Farmers market, of course!

Scrumptious, what else can I say about Saturday's haul from the FM?  I was evidently hungry! First stop was the beautiful basil, I bought two bunches. I know I won't actually eat all of it, but it makes the kitchen smell so good that I decided to look at it like flowers.  Bunch of purple and bunch of green. Yum.

Next peaches. I had two today. They are so good, a little granola on top, maybe a little vanilla ice cream. Tomorrow-more tomato peach salad.
These are the first apples of the season. Jonathan and Gala. See the peaches, too?
On to green beans which were in the potato salad last night. One of my favorite summer dishes-green bean potato salad with shallots, basil, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. So very good.
I picked up 12 ears of corn-most will be cut off and go in the freezer for later use in soups and stews. We had a mix of corn, peppers, green beans for dinner tonight along with Mother's Sticky Chicken and sautéed romaine with mustard dressing.
I see some grilled squash in my future and this looks perfect!

I was intrigued by white watermelon and it didn't disappoint. Super sweet, not sure I would want it every  time, though, it's really just like sugar! The white flesh with the black seeds was beautiful!
Red potatoes! Of course for the potato salad, forgot about them, and a few Cherokee Purple tomatoes for the above mentioned salad.
No blackberries this week so Jim went with raspberries.  Oh, no omelet either- I was on a schedule so I could meet friends to go see the movie The Help, so breakfast was at Fleur de Lis Cafe, which I think took as long as the omelet line would have-note to self**

Okra-this time the other variety (not Star of David), hum-maybe Milsap White? I'll ask next week. It is an heirloom variety.
Now for flowers- yay for the tuberose which makes the house smell wonderful all week. I went with the darker sunflower this week. Not to wish my life away, but I am looking forward to fall.

And that about covers this week's market adventure. Missed having Amy here, though.


Amy Knopf said...

Beautiful bounty, as usual! We missed ours, but was worth it to be floating on the Yakima River with friends. I miss being there with you! :)

Yogi said...

glorious. I looked at the 1st pick of all that produce & I said to myself, someone's either hungry or stocking up. That's a bunch of food there, looks so good. Happy eating...