Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Flour Sack Towels

This is the project Richey and I worked on. I LOVE these and am inspired to do more and open an etsy shop!  (Thanks, Richey!)They are soft and cute, cute, cute! I got the idea to subtract some of the image and add personalization of name and address. Just a hint of color. I'm a big black and white lover. While I'll probably do some color image transfers, I really love black and white best. The right one has the street address which I blurred to protect privacy. I did some for Jim for his birthday. Watch out-a set of flour sack towels could be headed to your home soon!

The thought crossed my mind that people might not like an old address on them, but then again, how fun to look back at where you lived different years if you are a frequent mover.

Oh, the possibilities! I love possibilities!


Lindalou said...

Those are great. Not sure if I'd want my full address, but my city would be great.

These would make a great giveaway to launch your ETSY shop. Just sayin'

Amy Knopf said...

I love them, and I'd love having my full address on them since I move so much. Rachel and I are always cataloging memories by address, and these would prompt even more of that!

Richeys said...

LOVE IT! You're idea to personalize makes it fabulous.

Yogi said...

very nine. No idea what flour sack towels feel like. In my imagination, flower sacking feels rough. All the best if you do it on Etsy.

donna said...

Beth, you're always up to something fun/interesting and you always have a way of making a project your own with your special touches.

Make sure you let us know about the etsy shop.