Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Saturday!

See the new chalkboard?
Sometimes you are just glad to see a new day!  Yesterday I spilled almost an entire quart of chalkboard paint on my hardwood floors in the living room.  Thankfully, it wasn't on the wool rug but did splash onto the antique washstand. Boo. Lots of cleaning.
But, not only is it a new day, but a beautiful one here in Louisville.  We headed out early to the market. What a difference a week makes. Very little corn from our farmer we got all of that corn from last week! Fewer Cherokee Purple tomatoes, but lots of flowers and peaches. I love all of the things I got.
Close up of the goodness

Yummy tomatoes and peaches

The peaches look great and I have some more goat cheese! Tomato and Peach Salad coming right up!
The green beans last week were fantastic- the best of the year. He was back with more this week- I was so glad!

I was also in the mood for cucumber salad with onion so picked up these two varieties for the week.
Raspberries are thinning out so this could be the last week and we could only get a pint.
 The Mother's Sticky Chicken was so great  I was still eating it for lunch Thursday. I asked Chef Jim to indulge me again this week. Our chicken farmer will not be at the market next week. So we bought another whole, cut-up.

And now for the flowers which were glorious this week!

The big picture!


tuberose- I just threw out last week's this morning.

I forget the name of these-but I think I'll buy some next week.

This is "something" shield-the purple and it is spectacular! looks so perfect that it could be artificial.
Love this little green plant which will replace one that died with my  hibiscus outside.

Isn't this a beautiful variety? Green and maroon.

And a favorite, as you know

ending on a sweet note!

basil-oh, the aroma!


Yogi said...

oh that chalk paint episode doesn't sound so great. Glad it wasn't worse that it could have been.

Your haul is spectacular. Such gorgeous flowers and it's so nice you indulge yourself every week. Beats me the last time I bought flowers other than to plant in the garden. Have a great day and week.

donna said...

It's a good thing I'm not crafty, don't have to worry about spilling chalkboard paint on our hardwood floors...because you know I would.
I have a feeling you stayed calm about it yelling and screaming from you. I would have been a raving lunatic.

The "purple shield" plant is one that I often admire, too.

How do you stay so thin? You must not be putting butter on all those veggies.

Thanks for brightening our day with all of your colorful photos.


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Love me some butter! But, not on veggies. I like mine plain with pepper and a little bit of salt or occasionally a little olive oil when we roast cabbage or romaine.
I get plenty o fat because I love doughnuts! And it is way worse than butter!
I'm dreading the ol cholesterol check tomorrow. I always hover barely inside of ok.
And- I thought about crying about the paint but no one was here to give me a lick of sympathy so my brain got busy thinking about how to get it up and on the cabinet. Get to try her out tomorrow after the 3 day curing period.