Wednesday, December 07, 2011


I had some catching up to do in journals for the round robin I'm in. One book's theme was "Put a Bird on it" and I put a bird on/behind a wire with an encouragement to "fly"! and I put a bird on the word "Bird", too. I struggled with this one- am I tired of birds?
"Green" was  the theme of the other book and it could be any aspect of green. The book repurposed some paper so it was "green", too!  Some had done the color green I decided to do both. Who can think of green without have Kermit come to mind somewhere?  And I thought about the song "Bein' Green" and realized while that's not exactly what the songwriter had in mind, it isn't easy being "green" environmentally and went with that thought. Here is my page:
I wrote parts of the lyrics around Kermit and used the universal recycling symbol on the opposing page. I'm happy enough with them, just hope the artist/owners will like.  Was super glad to get them in the mail. Another book should be heading my way next week.
Here is a look at my gifties off to my byhandartists friends for the 12 Days of Christmas swap. Always fun opening a gift a day from artist friends. This will start next week on the 13th! Woo-hoo!
I had day 7 so on the 19th I'll post my gift.

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Yogi said...

nice pages in the journals. Those gifties look interesting. Love the bags.
Have a great day.