Friday, December 30, 2011

Catching up

I missed showing you my great gifts to finish out the 12 Days- It turned into a whirlwind the last days leading up to Christmas and the last of the out of town guests left yesterday morning.

Day nine is coming late or maybe not at all. Joanne has had a bundle of issues this year and I'm so happy she signed up and received gifts. I hope she enjoyed every one of them! It was nice to think of her having that fun every day.

Day 10-Robyn- was this lovely pin! Super sweet and looked great on my coat!

Day 11- Linda- was this beautiful beeswax ornament on a cd! I love the smell and look of beeswax so this was a real treat to me!
I've edited this twice and it still shows up sideways! Sorry.

Day 12-Jane- another lovely brooch! I am bedecked and bejeweled this year!

Coming soon- Christmas family fun and craft making!

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Ruby's Girl said...

Thanks Beth for posting all of these photos for our group. It was a great swap and I of course loved your gift very much. Thank you once again for that. Happy New Year to you and your family.