Sunday, December 04, 2011

Saturday adventures and Advent, week 2

I just stopped in at the market for a quick visit with Ann of Kenny's cheese. I hoped her mom might have made the trip this week. I haven't seen her for quite some time, but alas, no.  But, no other shopping for farmer food today.
I was meeting some friends to go on our annual Christmas bazaar trek. We've been doing it for probably close to 20 years, the first Saturday in December.
We met for breakfast at Janet's and headed to Anchorage School, which is usually my favorite. One of my fav soap makers is usually there-oh, the disappointment. She must be doing so well at farmers markets that she doesn't have to do the bazaar. Holy Gourds is the name of the business and they do beautifully painted gourds of which I have a few, too.
I bought a couple of books for my grandson from a very pushy woman who was more interested in me becoming a bookseller than a book buyer!
There were a few empty spots- I wondered what that said about the economy? Was it related?

Next stop-Ballard High School, a bigger venue also with many empty spots.  I bought a couple of cute barrettes for my precious granddaughter who's hair is long enough for a barrette but very fine- the barrettes were Little Red Riding Hood and an Easter Basket. Super cute.
And I thought these were cute, too, but more expensive. I figure maybe I'll make some at a later date.

Next, Thomas Jefferson Unitarian for a real art show, not just crafts! And to my great surprise and total delight I found Estelle!
I had looked and looked for her on the internet, I wanted to buy another pair of her earrings which I wear almost every day. My DIL has made me some beautiful ones and I wear them on special occasions  but Estelle's are my every day earrings. I love them for their design. The extended piece above the piercing hole hides the elongation of the pierced hole that age has brought. I have a silver pair, gold plated pair (my first) and I wanted a pair of silver with gold wrapped wire. Tada!
I told her I was so happy to see her as I feared something had happened to her since I couldn't locate her via google!
That was the find of the day!
A trip to Wild Eggs for lunch was a tasty end to the annual fun.
Last night was Bardtown Road Aglow-another annual outing and it was so nice weather-wise that there must have been record attendance.  Jim is a big fan of bagpipes and we saw two pipe bands that eventually met up with each other and played together. 
We also had dinner at a food truck, Holy Mole and it was yummy!  Fried fish tacos, a veggie taco with mushrooms and pablano pepper. Perfect.  We usually wander aimlessly looking for a spot to get a bite so the sight of the truck was welcome and an easy decision.

I always enjoy going into St. James Catholic Church even though I am not Catholic. It is a beautiful church on the outside and I've photographed it more than once. The oranges of the brick are spectacular against a KY blue sky. The interior is pretty impressive, too. The organist was playing when we were there. Nice.
St. James


The "eye" in the dome

We had a great time wandering around and people watching.

2nd Sunday of Advent was great at church, though we only had two additional boxes this week. I'm going to try to do two this week.  One was a great painting by Dan Trabue and one was my  Jack-in-the-Box, which wasn't a Jack, but did pop up!

After church I went to my previous church for their Christmas concert. If I can figure out how to attach music, I'll leave you with a tune.
E corrected the date on my chalkboard-sort of.


Yogi said...

nice. Those ribbon cones, snowman and elephant are so cute. Glad you found your earing person again and got a nice pair. Have ag reat day

Lindalou said...

You have been very busy. Those ribbon things were super cute.

You just made me glad that I don't wear earrings all the time. I continually have to re-find the holes, but I don't have any other things to hide. Glad you found her though.