Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Moo commercial

Everything comes neatly packed in this sturdy box.
I'm in love with Moo. The quality of their cards is just fabulous. The packaging, materials, follow up, all just top notch!
I'd been wanting some new business cards. I've gone to my mobile phone primarily for everything now and my old cards had my land line. I also wanted to include email and my website. New cards it is. I got a great deal on some for my etsy store- if I ever get it up and running. Moo and etsy had a deal and I got 50 free. I didn't have time to design my own so I went with their green geometric and I really like it. I got an offer for free return address labels from shutterfly and they had a matching green geometric. Now if I can get the towels made for the store.
Anyway, it was the free Moo business cards that captured what I was looking for in a new business card.
this small, high quality box houses 50 cards. I like the  "mine" and "theirs" dividers, too
These are my new cards. I like the puzzle piece photo, which I bought , which is a good representation of what I do,  give people solutions. The other two I took myself with my phone. The fingers in the CPR photo belong to Jim.
My mini moos
One of the great things about Moo is that you can use as many designs as you want. You will get an equal number of each in the mix. With the mini moo, which are half the size of a business card, I went with more variety. I might hand them to someone who just needs my name, email, phone . I got a card holder for them that goes on a key chain. Not that I needed one more thing on my keychain, mind you. I used a mix of art, photos, altered photos and 4 designs for my business, just in case I have these but not a business card in a pinch.

It probably holds about 8-10 cards.

I can't tell you how impressed I am with them and highly recommend them for their quality, service and the ability to produce a variety for the same amount of money. 

Now just for fun- Here is Elvis, who's been in our Jazzercize class this week. Our instructor is a big Elvis fan and as a tribute for his birthday we had a lot of Elvis music or songs with references. A member made this Santa an Elvis outfit to go with a black wig. He also moves to the music. Quite the site. No wonder I like Jazzercize!


Yogi said...

thanks for the Moo plug. Interesting cards. Might think about ordering some.

Don't forget the QFD blog hop...

Have a great day

donna said...

Thank you for including something about Elvis in this post. I still put his birthday on my calendar every year.

All this talk of are so smart about such things and I'm a dunderhead. Still enjoy reading about it though.

Later, Miss Bethy.

Lindalou said...

I just recently ordered cards as well. I decided to get them to facilitate those times when people ask my blog name. It's not that easy for people to remember. I still need to get a card case to carry in my purse.

I didn't know about Moo when I got my cards. Yours are so cool and I love that you can get so many designs.