Saturday, January 07, 2012

Farmers Market and something yummy

And a beautiful day it has been!  I began by cleaning out and organizing my freezer. I figured that I really should know what is in it in order to know what I might want to add TO it!
So I also have a clean and beautifully organized freezer to go with my purchases.
It is another fab winter day here. It is amazing how moderate our temps have been. Really, with the exception of a handful of days, one has hardly needed a coat and gloves. I've only worn my earmuffs once.
Upon examination it was determined that we needed only a whole chicken to round out the week's protein needs. And while I didn't expect our chicken guy to be there- today wasn't on the list he gave me before Christmas-we were pleasantly surprised to see him.
The watermelon radishes which have been at least the size of a tangerine have now gone down to a more normal radish size and I grabbed a handful of these. Aren't they glorious? I never tire of slicing them and seeing the gorgeous magenta color on the inside.
Really, that is what color they are!
All trimmed and nestled in the kale for a photo op.

How about some flat leaf parsley?  Nothing says "fresh" like adding some of this to a dish.
This kale looked good so I think I'll sauté up some tonight!
Baby bok choy for a little stir fry Mr. Jim promises later in the week. Yum.
Didn't get an individual shot but also grabbed a garlic bulb.

We had the pleasure of seeing Brent, our favorite omelet maker, at the market as a shopper so it was nice to catch up with him. His wife's restaurant is closed for a few weeks for some updates. We had tried to have lunch there yesterday when we were both off work (yay). So it will be exciting to see what changes she has made when they re-open at the end of the month.

By the way, we ended up at Ramsi's for lunch. A patient of mine was working there and delivered a divine, complimentary to boot, chocolate bourbon mousse creme brûlée for dessert. It had a 1/4 inch thick layer of burnt sugar that was soooo good and worth every calorie.
Thanks, B.

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Yogi said...

wonderful pics. The weather up in Calgary has been really nice too. Amazing, almost doesn't feel like winter, other than psychologically... Looks like good finds from the market and cleaning out your freezer - good job done. Haven't gotten to mine this winter yet.
I want that creme brulee - glorious - love them sigh!!