Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beautiful week

It has been a beautiful week here in Kentucky! I have loads of pictures because I've been slow blogging lately.  I love blooming things, they make me feel happy. Because of our incredibly warm, record-breaking weather, everything has bloomed at once. I'll miss it when it all goes away at once, too. The view from my back door is spectacular, don't you think? The phlox on the neighbor's yard one street behind, Judy's beautiful redbud, my azalea-Yum! This lovely yellow-blooming ground cover has crept its way over from Judy's yard. Yellow is my favorite color though I don't choose yellow flowers a lot.
Can I bore you again with my new wave petunia? It is a great performer already and very low maintenance.

Last week I didn't get much at the market but here is the picture. I love basil. We have a lot of bruschetta here during the warm months. This is a disease resistant variety I grew last year along with the one I got today. I liked both equally well and they both did equally well, too.

I about forgot my closeup of the azalea, which was beautiful Wednesday and beginning to fade today. And I'm finally getting the side yard looking the way I'd hoped. Some coleus and a few more hostas will be nice. I'll add a few shade annuals, too, for a little more color. The daylilies are great in July.
Loving our spring!

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donna said...

Beth, your wave petunias are simply gorgeous. Name, please? Why do they look like they're growing upward instead of trailing? I'm crazy in luv with their look.