Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sue, my inspiration, and a fun Easter Egg

I met Sue through a mutual friend and I'm so glad I did.
Sue, (Urban Little House), is maybe the all-around coolest person I know. She finds the greatest creative, food, decorating, inspiring websites. (Richey is my best online shopping guru)  I look forward to Wednesday Link Love every week and have been inspired to create or do many of the things she posts.  I hardly ever have an original idea but I can adapt others very well. She lives out her faith in ways too numerous to count and has become mom to three wonderful kids, who came her way most unexpectedly. She didn't seek them, they found her in a way that was so beautiful for the whole family. She is the co-ordinator for the farmer's market in her neighborhood- a new local one, and I envy the community she experiences with her neighbors who share dinners, a garden, care for each other in celebration and sorrow, and actively advocate for their community. Oh, to live in Phoenix Hill and be their neighbors.
We don't meet face to face nearly often enough. I cherish when we do and Friday was one of those days. I looked forward to it all week. 
Our plans to chat over Thai food were dashed when we arrived at the restaurant and it was closed for a month so the family could go to a funeral (we don't know who's) in Thailand. So, rather than spend time looking for another option with good food, we opted for the convenience of the Subway next door.

I share my extra atcs and rolodex cards from swaps with her. She is so creative and I want her to do some swapping so I'm always trying to entice her in some way and I know she appreciates them the way an artist does.  I love to visit her community church.  They do lots of creative activities like advent journals and wall hangings, they bring personal items to adorn the alter table for that Sunday's sermon topic. Just how much they love each other like family is so apparent when you are among them.

Sue brought me these cool paper buttons and little cards she found on Etsy and these adorable tiny chicks! Aren't they the sweetest?  (I took these photos with my new camera I am learning to use. I love the macro shot of the chick. Canon Powershot SX120is-my birthday present)

I made this egg to bring her. I thought it was just so cool and I want to make a whole rainbow of them for next Easter. You can find the directions here.  I made mine so they still open and you can put things in them. I also found that if I put two little flat pieces of the sticky-back canvas across the bottom, they will still stand up. Aren't they just the cutest? I'm so glad people are clever and I can figure out how to do what they do. I highly recommend that canvas, you can do a bunch of things with it. Happy Easter!


Lindalou said...

How fun to be able to get together with another blogger. I love your egg. So cute.

Yogi said...

Nice story. Sounds like a wonderful person. cute chicks. glad you're having fun with your new camera. Have a happy Easter

donna said...

So glad I didn't miss this post. It's all so true about Sue and well deserved.

You are doing an amazing job with your new camera.

I'm trying to get back into the blogging groove.


Sue said...

Wow! Can that be ME? I feel like I won the friend lottery when you came into my life. As I always say, you are my muse.

Allison said...

I love your description of Sue! She is really positive, encouraging, and creative.