Monday, April 19, 2010

Goose Egg

My friend Donnie brought me a treat today! We had a conversation last week about his chickens and the fact that he has geese. He gathers eggs from both.
I like eggs, to eat and for crafts. What could I do with it? Maybe a vase or decoupage it perhaps? I've never eaten a goose egg. I'm hoping someone will entice me with some fabulous recipe. I admit to not being too adventurous a gastronomer.
But, no matter, I am the lucky owner of not one, but TWO eggs!  Aren't they beauties? And BIG! The little egg is my chicken egg from the farmers market this week.
They came carefully packed with care surrounded by sawdust in this coffee can.
Thanks, Donnie! I'll update you soon on what I do with them. I'm open to all suggestions and reviews on the goodness of goose eggs.


Lindalou said...

Wow..I can't wait to hear what you finally come up with. Such a unique challenge.

Sue said...

I'll check with my neighbor who scored one at the farmer's market once. The shells are pretty strong- a friend of my mother's used to make little shadow box type things in them.

donna said...

I knew they'd be bigger than a chicken egg, but WOW....they're huge. My parents call me Donnie once in a while.

I doubt you'll eat the eggs. They'll become part of your art.