Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thunder Over Louisville


I'm crazy about fireworks and I've never seen better than those we have in Louisville to start our Kentucky Derby Festival. And I've been to the South Lawn of the White House on the 4th of July! This was the first year that I remember any glitch that delayed the start. Scheduled to begin at 9:30, it was almost 9:50 before it began. But, definitely worth the wait. I thought this picture was kinda cool.

We went at about 2:30 to meet up with 700,000 of our best friends to catch the air show, too. It is supposed to be the top air show this year. I do love loud, fast planes.
Having fireworks off of the bridge adds to the effect, and the fireworks you see are are duplicated on the other side of the bridge, so double the show plus the bridge!
It's hard to get good pictures of anything today, the planes are fast, the people too numerous to represent well and fireworks, well, my basic point and shoot did an okay job but not like being there. I hope you enjoy them, though. It was a terrific day from start to finish!
You can see all of the pictures here.


Lindalou said...

Is it Kentucky Derby time already? Sounds like you had fun. That's a lot of people to be hanging with. Who doesn't love good fireworks.

donna said...

Beth, I'm not surprised that you have 700,000 best friends:)

So what was the glitch that caused the start to be delayed?

Fireworks by the water are always better and Thunder Over Louisville is no exception.