Saturday, April 17, 2010

Farmer's Market 4/17/10

Today is just a super day-clear, breezy, and in the 60's. A nice change from our 80+ degrees in recent days.
I'm looking forward to Thunder Over Louisville even though it is horrible for the environment! I figure they are going to have the air show and fireworks anyways so I may as well go enjoy them. I confess to having a love of fast jets and fireworks.

But the day started as most of our Saturdays do, with the market and breakfast. This is the new soap vender who sells very nice goat's milk soap. I tried some samples and will definitely be buying some. Even though I am a soap maker, I love other's soap!

Sweet and Savory has changed its name! They had a contest and this was the winning suggestions and I think it is perfect! Fleur de Lis Cafe- wish I'd thought of it! I also like that their logo fleur de lis is designed as a flower. Nice. It has totally changed. The menu was new, the hours are extended (to midnight on the weekends-not the direction I would have taken it had I bought it-I'm so not a night person), and it is a bit more pricey. It will be interesting to see how it does. The menu is very interesting. I'm sure we will try it for dinner. I'm not sure it will continue to be an every Saturday, (at least when the summer market is closed), breakfast for us, which is too bad. Breakfast without coffee was 20.00 compared to our usual 13-15.00 I think she may lose a few regulars because of pricing, but will draw a different crowd, too. It has been frequented recently by more 20-30 somethings.
One thing I found incongruous was that the drinking glasses had been changed to mason jars. Not exactly what I would have gone with considering the up-scaled menu(in price and offerings). Seemed a bit odd to me. No web site yet, and I couldn't get a good snapshot of the menu because of window glare.

This pic is for Richey to see that I DO use my fabulous recycled billboard bag for market day!  I love it and get lots of comments.

Here is the haul for today. Radishes, which you know I love, another basil plant, a Cherokee Purple tomato plant and a new heirloom variety to me- Mortgage Lifter (a pink tomato), some flat leaf parsley, eggs, and pork chops (dinner tomorrow!) Oh, and some Cumin seed Gouda from Anne. She was out last week by the time I got there.


Yogi said...

all things must change and always for the better. Would be nice if good things were left alone.
The fireworks look great. Not into fast planes. Glad you had a nice time.

Yogi said...

that should read NOT always for the better.

donna said...

Luved hearing about Fleur de Lis Cafe. They should have hired you as a consultant before opening. Breakfast without coffee? How did you manage that?

Sorry that I'm so far behind on reading artcricket2. For the life of me, I can't figure out why I'm so busy. Busy doing nothing, I guess.