Saturday, July 23, 2011

400th post, a giveaway, yard sale finds and Farmers Market all in one!

Wow! 400 posts- I don't really know what to think about that! I started this blog June 1, 2005. So in a little over 6 years, or 319 weeks or 2273 days- I wrote 400 posts, hum a little over one a week average.
So, maybe not so much a celebration but a reward for those who read my ramblings- I have a small giveaway.
I love this Tim Holtz rubber stamp set, so much that I bought two, opened them and didn't realize I already had. So, I am delighted for it to find a new home. I use the quotes and the little bird a lot. So, if you want this rubber set to come live with you or to pass it on to another who will love it, just comment on this post before next Saturday morning and I'll use the random number selector to choose a winner. Since my readership is certainly small you have an unusually good chance to win this prize and who knows what else might end up in your envelope!

Today's haul
The market was hot today and we got there by around 8:30 with a detour to the coffee shop (iced, please) and a yard sale (details to come). So, we didn't linger. The chicken is frozen and I didn't bring a proper storage bag and frozen blue thingy for toting. The blueberries are done-boo- and the bison woman wasn't there- boo hoo.  But, there's a box of blackberries, peaches, tomatoes, chicken, cabbage, flowers and an omelet!
Love the Cherokee Purple tomatoes. Bruschetta tonight!
the peaches looked great!

Jim has been loving these on his Shredded Wheat, which he eats dry- yuk

my omelet! 

The omelet had potatoes, kale, beens,onion, squash, choizo, goat cheese and some kind of Kenny's cheese. Yummy!

Aren't these flowers pretty?  Sweet William and a type of hydrangea I thought would be nice as a switch from the sunflowers.

These are growing on a fence in the alley we go home through. So inviting!

Baby O clothes
for later

little fleece jacket

I love little sets like this

for early fall

Isn't this the sweetest

for fall

another fall shirt

even sweeter


The reverse

who doesn't like bristle blocks?

needed one of these!
All my yard sale stuff was a total of 8.00! Baby O will be dressed to the hilt and travel in style!

Now don't forget to spread the word about my giveaway, if you don't mind the competition! And leave me a comment to be entered!
Hope you are somewhere cooler than here doing something fantastically fun! And just because I can't help myself, here are O and E!



Richeys said...

I LOVE free rubber stamps! I need rubber stamps.....nice garage sale purchases too!

Yogi said...

way da go!!! Always love checking out what you buy at the farmers market. Love those blackberries. No farmers market for me today, am demoing at the Salsa Festival tomorrow, so will get my fill of "people". Have been enjoying doing a few alterations to my craft space. So much better now, but still needs a tweak or two before it's just right, at least for a little while BIG GRIN
When I saw your giveaway, I said they looked familiar and sure enough 3 of those images are in a package I have, but yours seem smaller than mine. The rest of the images are different to my package. I hadn't realized he did that. Could be why I'm always confused when I look to buy rubber. Thanks for the chance of winning it. BIG GRIN And I will share your blog post. Have a great day.

lizzie said...

Great finds at the yard sale. Same types of things I have been looking at lately.
Your farmers market stuff is making me hungry. I was just thinking that I would like some nice fresh peaches. I love blackberry and peach together. I sometimes make a blackberry peach crisp or pie and jam.
You are so good to post to your blog so often. I really need to start doing that too. I am lucky if I get in 1 post a year.

Sally Taylor said...

Hi Beth! Long time no see :) I have been very busy since we were exchanging ATCs but I take a peek to keep up with what you are up to. Love the rubber. All the best from a murky UK

Lindalou said...

Your comment about your small readership giving us a better chance at winning...cracked me up. I know what you mean sister.

The stamp set looks great. Thanks for the chance to win.

And as always, I love seeing what you got at the farmers market. (Does he really eat his shredded wheat DRY? Yuck.)

Ruby's Girl said...

Beth I always love to read your blog! 400 posts is amazing I think as I struggle just getting a post a month. I love the stamp set you are giving away so I am throwing my hat into the ring too. Good Luck to me and love the grand kids pictures! You are so blessed.

Kelly Massman said...

I came over from Linda Lou's blog!!! Beautiful stamp and I love your garden photos! Thanks!

meemsnyc said...

Congrats on your 400th post! How exciting. Loving the stamps! Those clothes are so cute. What a great find.

Glennis said...

What great finds at the yard sale. I would love to win that Tim Holtz set - isn'nt he the greatest!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, no way wouuld you get such good deals at the Farmers Market on the west coast. It's been a long time since we exchanged ATCs. I Need new rubber. Too bad you didn't join us in the Ampersand rolodex swap. Suzanne came up with a good one: Black & White & Re(a)d all over. Pick me, pick me. XXX. Anne A.

Wanda H said...

OH, the baby in the sink brings back such fun memories!!!!! I just loved giving my baby baths!!! I'd love to win (and use) the stamps!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

Robyn said...

congrats on 400 posts.
Thanks for sharing the haul.
Love the veggie photos and baby in the sink!
Hardly met a stamp i didn't like!

Therese said...

I love your Farmers Market posts! You have wonderful markets!!

Free stamps! I am in!!


okanagan_spirit said...

I haven't visited you blog in awhile and enjoyed reading and seeing the latest market finds. That stamp set would be a great addition to my collection, love bird stamps. Not a lot of art going on here, but maybe some new stamps would help. I won a blog prize from you once before, I could be lucky again.

donna said...

I absolutely never, ever tire of seeing photos of O & E. O is going to be adorable-looking in the purple fleece jacket.

If I should win the rubber set, you'll have to come up here and show me what to do with it:)

I'm verging on getting back into posting on my blog. An entire summer of photos on my computer just waiting.

Have a wonderful week. donna

Diane Olsen said...

Well hello. Nice to see another Tim Holtz fan. I just love his images...I especially love working with his distress inks. I use them alot when I create ATC's My next one theme is "mushrooms"....Hmmm wonder wonder!

I love making deals famerers markets, garage sales.


Sue said...

Here's to the next 400! May they be as lovely as the first 400 have been. What will you do with your blackberries? I got some in my box this week and we aren't big plain old eat them out of your hand blackberry folks. I saw Lynn Winter on Man Vs Food last night make a syrup for her french toast out of it.....

Kathy said...

I heard about your blog from Lindalou at OurMushPush. Enjoyed your post. Winning rubber stamps would be fun, too. I'll be back again.