Saturday, July 16, 2011

Farmers Market and a link to a star book

It is a dreary, humid day in KY so we headed out early to the market. It had a slower vibe, funny how weather affects everything! It was a big haul and heavy, too!
Here is a link to a star book, too! And here you can order all of the materials in a kit from my friend, Suzanne, at Quietfire Design.

another good week for these!

He had balloon flower and lilies, too, but I like these!

Gotta have some protein

garlic, yum

Anne was back and with this!!

Eat your veggies!

The first Cherokee Purples of the year!

I never tire of radishes-love them sauteed

Opted for a smaller version this week

ARen't these pretty?

Jim has a great recipe for these

We sure enjoyed these last week

I think the season is ending locally soon. She had half what she had last week.
I think we will head out to our other market now! Maybe find a few rummage sales along the way!

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Yogi said...

another nice haul. Thanks for the links to the Star Book.

I finally got to my market this week... bought my favorite Black Mission figs (a whole case, so I'm pigging out BIG GRIN) and a watermelon and pastries from my favorite pastry guy (European style).