Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun project

I decided that the cedar chest I had been using for a coffee table was too big and bulky.  I wanted something with legs but nothing ordinary. Looking around on the internet I found some furniture made with luggage! Perfect!  I had this trunk that I got at Goodwill several years ago.  It needed a wood bottom to support the screws for the legs, legs and the hardware for them, some stain and polyurethane. I had the stain and poly so a trip to Lowe's for the rest and 30 bucks later here is the "new" coffee table! I love it and it makes the room appear so much larger. I like that my feet fit under it and it still holds almost all of the vhs movies I had stored in the chest.
The trunk

The stuff

The new table

A closer view!


Yogi said...

very nice and those flowers really set it off - BIG GRIN

Sue said...

Ohhhhhh you clever girl! I love love love this!