Saturday, July 09, 2011

Well, you know, it's Saturday!

Aren't these luscious?

These are from the 2nds box but look ok to me!

I can't see spots on fruit without thinking of Joni Mitchell




Sunflowers! The first of the year


more texture

It was fabulous, as always


Yogi said...

oh boy, those blackberries look fabulous. I'm dying to steal one of your cabbage leaves. The texture of the veining on them is great. The other day I was making hand made paper and would have loved this leaf as a mold. The sunflowers definitely make me smile.

Ruby's Girl said...

Always love your pics from the market! Missed mine today but will definitely hit it next week and I should take my camera as well. had the best Sockeye salmon a couple of weeks ago. Love your blog! and those sunflowers are so great , what you could do with these photos eh??
judy from Penticton