Sunday, July 10, 2011

And more about seeds and sunflowers from church

I went to Sue's church today and even if it becomes "my" church, it will forever be Sue's church, Jeff Street Baptist Community Church. It is a wonderful place in downtown Louisville that welcomes all, is creative, inviting, warm, and has a lot going on.  I don't know how many people go there but on a given Sunday, I'd say about 60-80. That is a big change from the 1400 or so at my church in the suburbs.

It is inspiring to see a truly diverse group gathered with common purpose. I like a lot of things that they are doing. They welcome and feed the homeless several mornings a week, they have a coffee house where anyone is welcome to share a song, poem, guitar or other instrument and where homeless feel welcome and loved and their offerings appreciated. I haven't been to the Urban Goatwalker but I will soon. They eat together at least once weekly and believe that all can be ministers and preachers.

This morning a young woman who works at a center for refugees and immigrants here in Louisville shared a wonderful story of our diverse community and the lives that are touching hers.

The reading was the parable of the sower and the seeds that fell on varied ground. Part of the lesson was to be a sower, figuratively and literally, in unlikely places. There were sunflower seed packages for 10 people to take and sow in an unlikely, unwelcoming place and to report updates on in coming weeks. I waited until no one else wanted seeds and volunteered to take a pack. I knew just the spot.
The packet on top of the bulletin from worship

My side yard, which is about 6 feet from building to building has become a source of contention between the owner of the apartment next to us and us. The fence has been there for years, as has our air conditioner and further down, some lattice work supporting plants and a tiny 3 foot pond with fountain.  We love our back yard which is a tiny, secret garden away from the urban noise of the busy street on which we live. The part you will see is not the lovely refuge.

We may end up having to move the above mentioned "stuff" because of property lines and lawyers are involved where no lawyers should be necessary. But, long story short- I knew immediately this was an unlikely, unwelcoming place for something lovely especially under the current legal uncertainty. It also gets little sun and the dirt is poor.

Here is our unloved space
Here are my seeds
Here they are sown
 Let's see what comes of this. Perhaps a thing of beauty will spring up and discourse will be pushed out.
I did get inspired to remove the weeds in preparation, but the ground is still pretty unwelcoming.
More to come.

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Yogi said...

well I'm curious to hear what will happen to those seeds as well. Good luck with them.