Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catching up but no art yet

Back from a restful week in windy, sometimes chilly Florida, I am in full swing. I came home to some corruption of my computer that required my computer guru's assistance. Thankfully, he came over this morning and it was an easy fix and he showed me how to do it myself next time. My heart and head start pounding when it appears none of my files are present.

I must include a few beach pictures as I think this was maybe my most interesting photographic trip. Lots of storms, clouds of various colors, big waves and days the waves barely broke on the shoreline. I never get tired of the beach, hot or cold, sunny or cloudy, it is a wonder to me. I made a video on my camera and recorded the sound of the surf on my iphone for Ezra so he can get an idea of what the beach is like. He asked for shells and sand as a gift from my trip. I had made up a glass jar with some last year, he remembered-I thought that was cool. The shells this year were fantastic and so unlike Destin typically, where there are just tiny white shells and not a lot of those. By Thursday they had vanished.
I had a dinner visit with my sister, Mary Ann, at her new home in Milton, FL. We yucked it up for the camera so we could email a picture of us to Richey.
I was excited to visit with Richey and Paul on our way home, sort of on the way. We took a round about return trip through GA. We had a great time over pizza, comparing apps on our phones, playing shake and spell, and speed scrabble. We laughed until we cried. Richey got her charm bracelets out as I wanted Jim to see them and amongst her jewelry was a little sterling silver bracelet that fits the wrist snugly I had given her 33 years ago. She used to wear it all the time, literally. She decided to give it to me to enjoy. I have it on and wear it all of the time, day and night.
Lastly, my summer window boxes are planted. As with the spring pansies, these flowers make me happy and even smile, every time I pull into the driveway.


donna said...

What a delicious post. Don't think I knew you had window boxes. They are simply gorgeous and to have second floor boxes is the ultimate. Recording the sound of the surf for Ezra makes you one special grandmother. All your talk of the iphone is getting me interested in one for myself. All that fun with your sisters makes me wish I had that kind of relationship with my one and only sister. Love the charm bracelet story. I still have my high school (1966) charm bracelet in my jewelry box. Maybe I'll get it out. Great post.

ArtCricket2 said...

Donna, my relationship with my sisters has not always been close, especially with Richey. She and Mary Ann always had the close relationship, Mary Ann and Cindy, my sister who died last year, were close, for some time Caroline and Richey were also close, but I was not close to any really. I'm glad that has changed, so perhaps it will for you and your sister, too.
I got my 2nd floor window boxes first. And two years ago the first floor ones. I can say nothing but that I LOVE my phone- I use it for everything- watch, alarm clock, scheduling, stopwatch for CPR, flashlight, word games, recording and yes, it is even a harmonica and an ocarina, just to mention a few!