Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The sweet things in life

I've admired this ring, or one like it since my friend Sue found one on Etsy. I shared it long ago with my sister, Richey. Yesterday, there was a package for me in the mail. I love packages in the mail, one of the sweet things in life. I think I host so many swaps so my mailbox will often be filled with beautiful things. In this miniature cardboard box, tied with precious tiny pink bow, was this beautiful ring, just my size.
It went right onto my finger where I hope it can live under the latex gloves of my work days so I can always keep it on. It is beautiful in so many ways. The shiny, silver nest, bright and new, twisted and woven like years of sisterhood and love, holding blue eggs, the color of my sister's eyes, a reminder of life and hope. A gift from a person who is a gift to my life,

even more so in recent months.

My sister is waiting patiently (most days) for a double lung transplant. She's tethered to an oxygen hose that follows her around the house like a snake. She is the bravest, strongest, good-natured person I know. So incredibly funny, you can't help but be crazy about her. She is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first grandchild in August so she will be a "Gigi". I hope each day the phone will ring to call her to Emory. She got a call in January, went through a painful day of testing and preparation, was under anesthesia in the OR when the doctor pronounce the lungs unfit for transplant, even though they had passed several preliminary scopes and testing. Whisper a sweet prayer for her.
This beautiful ring, from this beautiful person, both wonderful gifts I will treasure always. Oh, the sweet things in life.


sue said...

Ohhhhhh I'm so happy to see this on your hand, and all the more wonderful because it is from Richey.(sp?) I think it's a hopeful sign.

Yogi said...

What a wonderful gift and you explain it so nicely. Wishing your sister all the best.

donna said...

I think you know how this post tugged at my heart. My prayers and positive thoughts for Richey. Interesting name....is there a story behind it?

ArtCricket2 said...

Richey's full name is Virginia, my mother's name and Richner, the last name of my father's aunt and uncle, who had no children. Richey is her nickname- it fits her!
Thanks for all the kind thoughts for her and us!

Anonymous said...

I seem to have a list of people right now who I am praying for so your sister Richey, love that name too , is now installed on the list as well. I hope that soon the right lungs will be available for her and it also reminds me to make my family know that I want to donate whatever I can when my time comes. Beautiful ring BTW ! Careful with the gloves though!! I have searched the garbage many many times over the years for someone's ring or mine years ago too. I gave up on pretty rings years ago at the dental office.