Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ezra and the really fun day

I'm finally getting a minute to write about my fun day with Ezra, Saturday. I had lots of activities planned for us, and we usually do some but not all of them. The line up of possibilities included: tracing his hands and making a bouquet of flowers out of them, making a Mother's Day card, watering my flowers and planting his (earning money for those Wolverine Claws, they're not sharp), trip to the farmer's market and breakfast at Sweet and Savory.
We headed out for our trip to the FM and note to self, we meander and it takes longer that way. He loves to look at everything along the way, I, on the other hand am usually a more efficient traveler. We did find a nickle to add to the bank. Not a lot happening at the FM now but I did get red spinach (my fav), some radishes and a chunk of cumin Gouda cheese. The woman who prepares food is not there yet, so no cinnamon roll for Ez. We got there too late for the buffalo we planned for dinner, so we got buffalo brats.
Sweet and Savory offers breakfast and lunch, Ezra opted for a breakfast of pancakes and some oj. He poured his own syrup ( I forget he is FOUR and can do these things).
He played with a little Spiderman character that I had gotten some time ago at McDonald's that spits water (thankfully we didn't use that function at the restaurant).
Mr. Spitter was employed to water the plants when we got home. He decided that he wanted his plants we started from seed to go in HIS yard, not mine, so they were a gift to his mom for Mother's Day. I had some cookie dough left from Easter so we made heart cookies, too.
I traced his hands on yellow, blue and white cardstock and had seen a cute idea of bending the hand around a straw and flaring the fingers back to look like a lily. I though this would make a great, lasting bouquet. I got the hands cut out and began assembling. His lip started to quiver and he said he didn't like his hand that way, could I cut off the straw? He didn't want a flower, just his plain hand. So cut it off I did and placed the cut out hands in a card that Ezra wrote the "E" on and scribbled a little flower. Funny boy, who would have guessed this would have been upsetting?
We played outside with an imaginary lawnmower (rake) and tried to toss tennis balls into a bucket. It was a beautiful day, with this beautiful boy.


Sue said...

Just reading this made me happy. Sounds like a perfect day!

donna said...

It was a pleasure reading about your Saturday with Ezra. I, too, always have more activities/projects planned than time allows. Love that you... can walk to a farmer's market, found a nickel and picked it up, let Ezra pour his own syrup, respected his feelings about his hand being a lily, tossed tennis balls into a bucket and put together a perfect Mother's Day gift for E's mother. I do NOT like....the fact that you eat healthy buffalo brats. ha-ha They need to be full of pork and greasy and unhealthy or they're not really brats.