Saturday, May 02, 2009

I'll be back to art next week, but for today, The Kentucky Derby

We were lucky enough to get passes to the Derby today and decided the city bus was our best transportation. It stops 4 houses down and returns us practically at our front door! Avoiding traffic, paying amazing amounts to park in someone's yard blocks away from the track, and an even longer walk than the bus stop proved to be the tip of the day.
To our surprise, Amy's friends, the Kissel girls, and a whole load of friends met us at the stop. Emily is a fantastic seamstress and had fashioned head wear for all of the gals. I must admit I was jealous of her great creations, especially the one with the little bird.
While rain was predicted, and it DID rain all night, we didn't have a drop fall on us.
We had a great time, even cashing a few tickets, seeing some people we knew, getting close enough to see horses in the paddock and a wonderful look at some pretty hats and dresses before we headed back home long before the start of the Derby. If I'm going to watch it on a screen, I'll take the one in my bedroom, thanks. Oh, the luxury of passes.
Enjoy these pictures of the day. Oh, and no, I didn't have the winner, though all day I talked about how much I love Calvin Borel. He is just the most enthusiastic, emotional person. I'm happy every time I see him win. I even liked the name of the horse as my youngest son calls me "J-Bird", but, still, I passed on it. Too bad.


donna said...

It's been extra fun reading your blog this week...the photos and your commentary have been a delight. You and your honey look so happy and like there's no other place in the world you'd want to be other than Louisville, Kentucky. The picture taken from behind of the gals in the big hats is great. I heard someone on the radio say they saw Dannica Patrick wearing a hat the size of a satellite dish.

ArtCricket2 said...

Thanks, Donna, especially more fun for a person who doesn't do paper art!

Yogi said...

Oh these are fabulous. I loooove those hats. I used to wear big hats and little hats a lot, but then it interfered with my hearing aid, so I stopped, and now I just don't wear clothes that need hats. Sigh!!