Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Saturday, therefore...............

a trip to the farmers market! Today I used restraint because I hadn't gotten cash yesterday. So, I bee-lined it to the purple cauliflower at Happy Jack's. Yea! 5 heads to choose from. I tried to talk the guy next to me into getting it, but he passed. Too bad, for him. I also picked up these green beans, (we had his two weeks ago and they were super!) and the potatoes. The purple ones (clearly I'm into purple this year) are sweet and purple all the way through. I'm sure a picture is coming soon.
Next door to him is the dixie cup flower lady (I didn't buy a Dixie cup bouquet this week) for a flat of flowers and a hanging basket, which I saw on email were on sale (the flat 1/2 price!) I asked the name of the pink fluffy flower in the Dixie cup from last week, of course I have long forgotten the proper name but the common name is "Joey", which was easier on my brain. Their place is Mt. Eden Greenhouse. The hanging basket, big and beautiful is replacing this sad thing. I'm not sure what happened, not enough sun, too little water while on vacation? But, it had to go.
I cut some flowers from the dying plant to make these two little bouquets, the one in the antique cordial glass had three little snapdragon blooms that fell off.
On to a cucumber from Conrad Hambley Farm, over to see what Byrnside Orchard had, his are the tomatoes, one free to try and bought three. They are grown in dirt bags in a greenhouse this time of year. But, he's sure he's made a customer for life. I usually get his cabbage.
Next cut flowers from Perennial Favorites Flower Farm, more gooseneck loosestrife and some snapdragons. My GS from last week is still pretty and I just pitched the zennias today. Next, Kenny's Cheese-still on my Cumin Gouda kick. I surveyed what Theresa, at Nature's Dream, had cooked up. I wanted a loaf of bread but, hum, no money. She had quiche, tomato pie, lettuce mix with edible flowers, cinnamon rolls and sticky buns (with and without pecans)blackberries and tomatoes.
On to check out Capriole Farms goat cheese. I sampled quite a few as I plan to buy next week for a small group I'm having over for a summer supper on the 30th. I think I'll have the three layered one that is caliente on the outside, and the plain one wrapped in bourbon-soaked grape leaves, it just looks pretty when you open it up on a plate.
A stop at Kentucky Bison for 4/1 patties and we're off to drop off the goods home and head to Sweet and Savory for breakfast where we can use a charge card. Every time I am in there I want to ask the woman to sell the place to me when she's ready to retire. Just what I'd love to have. Their hours are 9-2 most days and have breakfast all day and lunch after 11.
Also included are pics of the backyard. Can you believe how much the oak leaf hydrangea has grown, from down to nothing after the tree was removed. Oh, and see my morning glory reaching the top of the fence? How about that red cherry tomato that I'm going to eat this afternoon? How about a peak at the autumn joy and the sunflowers from last week drying for the birds?


Yogi said...

Wonderful images. You're up early... Enjoy your tomato. I picked up a bunch of cooked lobsters and was pigging out on them and made a nice seafood chowder using the shells for a stock and then the last lobster for the meat, potatoes, carrot, cellery, cream and stuff,and added some scallops and shrimps I had in the freezer. YUM.
Not watering your plant in summer will definitely give those results. BIG GRIN

sue said...

Mt. Eden has the absolute healthiest plants ever. I love Annie and John and their gentle ways too. I am so so envious that the Highlands market still has the Capriole goat cheese. If only I could get myself up and over there sometime! So good that Shameka used to shell out allowance money to buy her own stash! Your plants and garden all look so happy! At your recommendation I gave the purple cauliflower a try and loved it. Sadly, I am the only cauliflower lover in this house.

donna said...

Purple potatoes are new to me. I much prefer the common names of plants over botanical names, they make more sense. The gooseneck loosestrife looks especially pretty in a bouquet and I'm a big fan of snap dragons. Your oak leaf hydrangea is impressive and I can't believe your morning glory has reached the top of the fence. What's wrong with mine, it's only about 6 inches tall. And your tomato plant is outperforming mine. As of two days ago, mine didn't even have a flower. I'll have to check it this morning.