Saturday, June 27, 2009

And Saturday it is!

Today at the market the flowers were sparse, rain you know. I planned to get bouquets to use for my niece's shower table decorations. But I had plenty of fruits and vegetables to choose from. No Dream Burgers, though and that is what I planned for company on Tuesday. Plan B is in my future. There were these great blueberries and black raspberries which if I don't eat before then, will be in a fruit salad. Theresa's bread is for bruschetta along with the tomatoes from the same guy I got them from last week. I told Theresa's husband, who's name escapes me as so many other things do these days, that I wanted bread last week but ran out of money. He said I could have certainly paid him this week for last week's bread- file away for future reference. I got the last loaf today and it wasn't 9:30 yet. She was also out of tomato pie already!

How about the color of these onions (keeping with my purple craze)? They are going into the green bean potato salad and the ginger watermelon salsa. The terrific potatoes are for the salad, too. The purple ones from last week got two thumbs up from Jim and me when roasted with onion and rosemary for dinner one night.

I think I am going to make a small yellow squash casserole because it just sounded so yummy to me today! And I got the two goat cheese packages I talked about last week. Don't you just love the name Fromage a Trois? The other two bouquets are from last week AND still the gooseneck loosestrife from two weeks ago!


sue said...

Oh, oh oh- it was the Fromage a Trois I would have made a special trip to your market for! Divine!

Yogi said...

Everything looks and sounds soooo yummy. You're really getting into the pics from market day. love that.

Lindalou said...

What beautiful vegetables. The table looks like a work of art. Sure wish I could paint.

Yellow squash casserole sure sounds good. Do you share recipes?

donna said...

Lindalou - Glad you stopped here for a visit. I knew you'd like it.

ArtCricket2 - I'm hooked on your farmer's market posts and so that means you can never miss a week. Fromage a Trois....aaahhh. Who doesn't love a sexy sounding cheese?

Lindalou said...

Thanks for giving me the yellow squash casserole recipe. Can't wait to try it.