Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ok, I'm on a food kick

Today, I have been working at home on a totally boring HIV course I need to finish and submit for state approval. My husband is off on Tuesday, well, and Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in the summer. He rescued me from HIV and took me to the Butterfly Garden for lunch. (I really wish they would change their color combo on the website- I don't associate blue with very many foods, even though it may be a great color for a butterfly)I was out of my pjs and into my silk screened skirt in no time.
I am always tempted by cold soup, sweet or savory. Strawberry soup was on the menu so I HAD to have the pick three combo so I could have soup, salad, and sandwich. The soup was so pretty and was set off perfectly by the pineapple table cloth. I had to take a picture. It was so delicious, I decided to save it for dessert! Our server was gracious to put it back in the refrigerator until after the main course.
The poppy salad is almost always my choice there, a nice green salad topped with mandarin oranges, almonds and Parmesan cheese served with a poppy seed dressing. Along with it, I had a little tuna melt-scrumptious!
I'm getting worried about that cholesterol test I have to go get later this month.


Yogi said...

very pretty. I just sent you an email about eating fruits first, rather than last. Not easy to do with olur conditioned minds. Need to form new habits.

donna said...

Hmmmm.....now I also need to know about eating fruits first. You're a good writer and fun to read. How about we go on the road? You shoot the photos and write about the food and I'll carry your camera and laptop and we'll eat the food together? I have poppy seed dressing in my frig.

ArtCricket2 said...

I'll forward yogi's email.
I'm in for the road trip- I'll shoot the food pics and you do the flowers. We'll both eat!