Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A joy, one of my beautiful boys

My friend, Sue, made me think about music I like to hear. She posts a music link every Monday. This is a link to my favorite musician in all the world-my youngest son, Brian, who's music never fails to bring me a smile or to tears. You can hear a few of his songs here on his myspace page and if so inclined, his upcoming shows around town are listed, too. I knew he was a talent when he was 4 years old and sang "Devil with the Blue Dress". He taught himself to play guitar, drums and piano. Truly gifted, and not from his mom, so I can brag on him. I paid for a couple of piano lessons when I realized his gift, but he would never practice, which made me angry. He got by not practicing because of his gift, which made me madder. I quit taking him until he agreed to practice, which he never did. He didn't need to. He is a man who is true to himself, which I respect and honor. He had a full scholarship to U of L for music, but school was never his thing and music was not what he wanted to do full-time. He gave it up on the third day of class. Brian has always considered "work" to be something done physically.
He is an incredibly talented, artistic welder, too. I'm lucky enough to have been gifted a few pieces of his art. He welds kitchen equipment during the work week.
In addition to being a professional musician, and artistic welder, he plays and sings in a praise band at The Valley, a Disciples of Christ church here in town.
He's a great Uncle Brian to his nephew, who's just about as crazy about him as I am.
He's married to Kelly and has a step-son, Jake, our two most recent additions to the family!


donna said...

I could not be more impressed with your handsome, talented son, Brian. And it's hard to say what's more impressive, his music or his artistic welding. Devil with the Blue Dress, love that part of the story.

ArtCricket2 said...

Thanks, Donna. He is a sweetie, even though I am partial :)

Therese said...

Hey! He should have an Etsy shop!!