Sunday, August 02, 2009

It Saturday's Farmer's Market on Sunday, again!

Yesterday was yet another fabulous day here in KY! We did break the record for having NO days that were 90 degrees or higher, first time in recorded history. It has just been a real pleasure to live in KY this summer.
We went to the market a little earlier than usual. Happy Jack's here we come! My mother gave me a few items on her wish list to get so some of this bounty is for her. Again, potatoes were 1.00 a quart. Yum, green bean and potato salad for dinner. I'll post that recipe this week. Sue has asked for the watermelon gazpacho so it is coming, too. I got two small eggplant for Mom's ratatouille, watermelon and tomatoes. Boring red for Mom and Cherokee Purple for us. We are addicted to these. I headed next door to Mount Eden for plants. I'd been eying a fern for the yard and pick out an Ostrich Fern. It is a bright light green and fans out so prettily. She also had some ivy that winters over here so I picked up 4 for the window boxes to replace flowers when frost comes or they have faded. They are both variegated, one called Glacier Ivy and the other, Golden Ingot. Don't you love those names?
One of the new farmers had okra, a Mom request. And I wanted a yellow tomato or two so went to see Charles for those. One is the peach variety and the other a yellow heirloom that I spotted on the "seconds" table. Picked up 5 peaches for the work week, a cucumber, two yellow and two zucchini squash. (Remember Mom's ratatouille?)
I wanted flowers for the dining room table so got my favorite "L" flowers but in ivory this week for a change. They lasted soooo long last time, three weeks! My other flowers, especially the sunflowers don't hold up as long.
We decided to have Dream Burgers for dinner, beef for a change, instead of buffalo. They are pattied and seasoned already from Dream Catchers.
A loaf of Theresa's bread and a sticky bun to go and off to the omelet line.
This weeks omelets had kale, Kenny's cheese, goat cheese, potato, and onion, with the option of smoked catfish, which I pass on. Brent, on the the chefs, is a middle school teacher and just the nicest guy. He is married to the owner of the Butterfly Garden Cafe. Remember the beautiful strawberry soup?
We grabbed a couple of bottles of water on the honor system and staked out a spot by the omelet station.
Again, I wished I brought the wagon, You should have seen me with two reusable bags on my shoulders, two plastic bags with the plants in each hand and Jim with the burgers and watermelon! Little red wagon leaning up against the chimney at home, laughing as we trudged up the steps to the house....

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Yogi said...

another gorgeous array of color and texture. I haven't made a ratatouille in years. I associate it with winter food. And it's definitely not winter in Calgary.
In fact it's the middle of the night and lightening and rain. No idea if there's thunder too, since I'm not wearing my hearing aid.