Tuesday, August 04, 2009


It has been another crazy day in Kentucky. Record rainfall for any August day in recorded history.
Our library's main branch was flooded along with several bookmobiles. Many cars are up to their roof tops with water in the west end near the river. There have been several rescues and we have the chance for more rain in a little bit. I tried to get a picture of the pea-nickle-sized hail we had but it was pouring too hard to get out.
We took a walk after the rain stopped to check out the park near us and along the way I found these mushrooms. I don't think I've seen mushrooms that look like little "cups" before. I loved seeing them filled with water. We could only get about half way through the trail before it was flooded too much to continue.
Five inches in an hour is a whole lot of rain!


Yogi said...

interesting mushrooms. That's a whole lot of rain. We've got rain all this week, much needed.

Lindalou said...

That is a lot of rain. For the first time this summer we could actually use some rain.

I've never seen mushrooms like that either. Hope you get to dry out soon.

donna said...

I've seen lots of mushrooms in my life, but never the "cup" shaped ones. Phil and his friend left for Louisville on Wed. for the National Street Rod show. Hope the early arrivers didn't have their show cars pelted with hail on Tuesday. Hope all is okay at your house. Sorry about your library and the bookmobiles. Books damaged?

Hi Lindalou - I HATE it that I can't leave comments on your blog. I am reading it though and love it.

ArtCricket2 said...

oh, Donna, I meant to tell you our house is fine, thanks. We shopvac-ed a bit of water as it came in the basement during the deluge. My clinical office had quite a bit of damage in the basement. The damage to the library is extensive, in the millions of dollars, (as is U of L and Churchill Downs) lots of drowned books and computers. Most of the closed hospitals will be back up and running on Monday.