Saturday, August 22, 2009

Long time, no post, but it IS Saturday!

Perhaps no one is even stopping by since it has been two weeks since my last post. I was under the weather last week and missed the Saturday farmer's market, which made me sad!
But, today is a wonderfully cool day and was perfect for an early morning trip down Bardstown Road to the market. There was a note of fall in the air and even the market was showing signs of it, apples,hard shell squash, pears, Indian Corn.
My stash was not too big today. I am regaining my appetite so bigger has not been better in my mind's eye. But, isn't it a lovely assortment?

Watermelon were a little scarcer today but I got this little beauty. I bought a couple of peaches from Charles and my first apples of the year, two gala for me and a Jonathan for Jim, who likes a more tart apple than appeals to me. We still have fingerling potatoes so tomorrow night is green bean potato salad night along with one of the free range chickens we picked up. (not pictured here)The chicken guy is excited about his new son his is picking up in Ethiopia, and he will be gone the next two weeks, so we stocked up.
We have a few tomatoes from my neighbor, Judy, so I only got one Cherokee Purple for us and picked up one for Dave and Karen to try.
The beets and okra are for Mom, who's 81st birthday is tomorrow!
How about those zinnias? Are they beauties? I love the speckled ones and the beautiful green. I was also taken with the little sunflower so stuck one of those in my bunch, too. Don't they look happy along with my face plates made by Naomi?
Lastly, my delicious bread and a cinnamon roll from Theresa.
Glad to be back to marketing!


Yogi said...

to hear you're feeling better. Don't remind me about fall... sheesh, means winter's around the corner and I haven't even enjoyed summer yet. Beautiful market haul. Pretty plates too.

Yogi said...

I see part of my sentence was cut oo. It should have said
"glad to hear"

Lindalou said...

I'm sorry you were under the weather, but glad to hear you feeling better.

We are starting to get the smell of fall in the air up here in Michigan. Although today it got up to 84 and I was sweating bringing in all the groceries.