Saturday, August 08, 2009

You know what today is.....Farmer's Market!

Can you see what's missing? Flowers! My flowers from last week are still beautiful, and the pickin's were a little slim when we got there at a tardy 10:15. This was the first hot Saturday morning since mid June. Believe it or not, more people seem to turn out. Though that wouldn't be the way I'd do it. We were also later than usual so that could be a factor as well.
Happy Jack's, first stop as always. He was low on food this week. Maybe the flood Tuesday affected him, too. I got those two beautiful eggplant from him. I loved both purple colors, my quart of fingerling potatoes (for a dollar, which continues to amaze me) and my Cherokee Purple tomatoes. It wouldn't be a summer week without them!
I got some tomato seconds from Charles that I'll use tomorrow, zucchini and yellow squash, green beans, the red pepper and a cucumber. I love cucumber sandwiches. I plan on making Sue's stacked ratatouille I saw her blog earlier this week. I should have read the link, my stacks may not be even like hers, but tasty none the less.
I got Silver Queen corn at the end of the left side, I don't know his name, and he picked me out that beautiful cantaloupe.
I stopped in to say hello to Ann, sister to Kenny of Kenny's cheese, and to give her a birthday card for Mary Rose, her mom. I always had the best time with Mary Rose when the Bridge Babes would go to Barren River and make a stop at Kenny's and with her at the market. She has moved to near Indianapolis to live near another daughter and away from the farm. Her husband has Alzheimer's and they needed some help. They both have benefited from the change. She get a respite when he goes to Elder Care during the day, which he seems to like. I'm so happy for her, but I miss seeing her a bunch! I still have some Cumin Gouda, but told Ann to save me some next week.
I had a veggie omelet today and it was tasty as ever, followed by that homemade peach ice cream cone!
Jim and I both got a slice of tomato pie from Theresa for lunch but we both ended up saving for tomorrow. The stop wouldn't be complete without some of her bread for this week's bruschetta.
Jim picked up a free-range chicken and found out that they will be gone from the market for a few weeks while they are in Ethiopia adopting a new family member. Isn't that exciting?
A stop for buffalo and we headed home.
I love the market, the food, the freshness, supporting local farmers, the kinship with the farmers and my neighbors. What a great start to a summer Saturday!
I know I'm behind posting a recipe or two.


donna said...

Peach ice cream sounds so good to me, even now at 6:15 AM. Tomato pie, can't say that I've ever heard of it. And you had to mention bruschetta. I want some, now!It was sad reading about the damage to your library. Phil and his friend had a wonderful time in Louisville. Summer activities are overwhelming me a bit and I'm not finding time to blog or go on facebook. Oh, well....there's always winter when I don't have anything to blog about:)

donna said...

Have you not been blogging or am I just not getting the new posts? Still so many computer issues on my end.

Lindalou said...

I do love your Farmer's Market day photos. They look so incredibly lush.

Hmmm, tomato pie. Never heard of that before. I'm going to have to Google a recipe. Sounds like a good use of my beefsteak tomatoes that are just starting to pinkin' up.