Monday, August 24, 2009

KY State Fair

I'm not a big fair person. I've never like amusement parks or rides but I couldn't resist our 75 degree weather for a trip to the fair this year. It was a long wait to get in and not being the patient sort, I parked at a florist that was closed for the day and walked. The line for walk-ins was only a few people deep, the car line-an eternity! We didn't know how much it cost to get in, but the teen in front of me had 8 bucks out. I stepped up and asked for tickets for two- 8.00. Hummmmm.
I took a close look at the tickets, wondering if my young friend had gotten a ticket into the rides, too. Nope. Jim and I were Senior Citizens (or children, which I prefer to think, I suppose). Gee, my first senior citizen anything! I'm blaming it on my balding, gray-headed, (and younger, I might add) husband.
We made careful note of the door we entered from and headed in to see what the fair held for us this year.
We entered in the area where commercial vendors are located and did a little stroll through there, signing up for a 100.00 Kroger (grocery)giveaway. Most was junk people were buying and didn't really need and probably wouldn't really want when they got home. There seemed to be good attendance for any demonstration of cookware. Don't we all want some that cooks magically? I married a cook so no need for pots and pans for me.
Moving on. I decided to try to find the local health department. When I was at the fair two years ago I got a handy little bottle of hand sanitizer complete with plastic hookie thing to hang on a belt or whatever. Saw cancer screening, dental screening, prostate screening (tried to encourage hubby to have a go at that since he hasn't been to a doctor since he was 12, but no go), blood pressure screening, but no hand sanitizer. Times are tough.
In the hall, heading to the quilts, there was a balloon sculpture that I had read about in the local paper, made by a Kansas City couple. You can read about it here.
Coming up tomorrow, The Ugly Lamp Contest!


Lindalou said...

I'm not a big fan of fairs and never like amusement parks either. I really don't like rides.

donna said...

Attending state fairs and county fairs has always been a big part of our life as a family. As our son got older, it was mainly the food (cream puffs & roasted corn) and the animal barns that we frequented, but now with a grandson we're back to the rides and games. The barn balloon sculpture is amazing. I'm sorta afraid of balloons, the popping part. I'm caught up on your previous posts. Nice to have you back. Looking forward to more about the fair.