Saturday, September 12, 2009

Farmer's market 9/12

Did I say fall is present at the market already? The nice yellow-brown sunflowers were in abundance and darker vegetables.My three same variety sunflowers are on the dining room table now.
I spied a return of radishes, don't they look great? And I couldn't pass up the variety sweet peppers. The one in the back right of the pepper photo is called "Sweet Chocolate" -sweet! I got my lettuce from him, too. A sure sign of fall-the return of cool weather crops. I love the red sunflower with the little buds hanging off the stem. It got a small vase of its own and is in the living room. Ah, fresh-picked leaf lettuce!
The corn was plentiful at the vendor next to the pepper/radish/sunflower/lettuce guy. I got 6 ears and plan to cut off the corn from 4 and freeze it for later use.
Remember the heirloom tomato guy who used seed from his dad's plants? I bought these from him. He thinks this is the last week for tomatoes from his place.
Our free range chicken guy was back from Ethiopia and had pictures of his 5 month old son, Abe. Cute, cute, cute! We (ok, we all know that means Jim) are cooking a whole chicken this week instead of a cut-up one.
I managed to snag an apple dumpling this week as we got to the market earlier than usual and the crowd was light. Got a loaf of Theresa's bread, too. Bruschetta is definitely in my future.
I missed out on Tuberose last week but bought one stem this week. It smells good for a whole week. I put it in my bedroom. Won't it be nice to go to sleep and wake up to that sweet smell?
Today was omelet day. We didn't even have to wait in line! The omelets had beets, potatoes, basil, goat cheese, Kenny's cheese, a bunch of other yummy veggies and were topped with chopped tomato and fresh sliced radish.
There was a message when I got home from my mother who wanted goat cheese wrapped in chestnut leaves for her book club meeting Monday. So, back to the market for another purchase. There was quite a crowd by then.
It's a beautiful farmer's market day.


donna said...

I'm glad you mentioned the name of the white flower because I was wondering. Tuberose, never heard of it before but would luv to have one. I had an omelet two days in a row; with my folks on Thursday and with Phil on Friday. Both were two-egg omelets with mushrooms/pepper jack cheese from the senior citizen menu at Perkins. Bet yours was better (except for the beets)! Nice that you went back to fm for your mother's goat cheese wrapped in chestnut leaves. You're a good daughter.

ArtCricket2 said...

Donna-I don't even like beets usually but they are exceptional added to an omelet. I still don't think I'd like them by themselves. I've never been to Perkins, but the omelet sounds good!
The tuberose is VERY sweet.

Allison said...

Hello! I'm so glad that Sue "introduced" us. I just love seeing all of the wonderful stuff you got at the farmers' market--that apple dumpling looks so good. I really like the idea of putting the tuberose by your bed. You'll have such sweet dreams!

Lindalou said...

I love your Saturdays at the market. I almost feel like I get to go along.

I love the idea of roasting a whole chicken. Fall is certainly in the air. I get excited to start cooking fall food.

Yogi said...

nice haul from the market. I bought a bunch of colored peppers and made marinated roasted (on the BBQ) peppers. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S
I usually only make them once a year. Don't know why I don't make them more often, since they are so easy to make, but I was having company the other day, so thought I'd whip up a batch. They went over really well. BIG GRIN