Saturday, September 12, 2009

Valentine's Day in September

I was digging through my stash to gather materials for this month's atc swap. I had a lot of atcs from previous months in this particular drawer and want to get them put away with my other numerous ones. I also ran across the Valentine tag swap we did on the byhandartists yahoogroup, a tag for each letter in the word "valentine".
I had never put them together as I had planned. So, instead of working on brown and birds. I worked with my valentine tags and came up with a fun little book I'll enjoy putting out next Valentine's day!
I used a rubber ring from Home Depot that you can find by the Behr paint samples which will hold several paint samples together for referencing. I cut the little tag from some background papers that I think Wanda may have sent me. I stamped "valentine", added a heart shaped eyelet and hung it on a jump ring with a locket, key and lock. They're are all held by a vintage lingerie holder(?). I tied a lot of ribbons,lace and fibers to the rubber ring and voila! A treasure was born.


Lindalou said...

I love this. What a great Valentine treat. Very clever.

Yogi said...

Turned out beautifully even if you did wait a year to do it. But that just gave you an extra thrill, finding it, then playing with it.

donna said...

Anything to do with a Valentine sounds more fun than brown and birds. Although I know another treasure will be born from you brown and birds.