Saturday, September 26, 2009


I thought my daughter would be joining us at the market today, but she didn't have a lot of time to visit with her paternal aunt and uncle at their family dinner last night, since Ezra was monopolizing her time, so she met them for breakfast.
I went with apples on my mind and got red delicious, yellow delicious, jonathan, winesap, and another that I forgot. We ate all I bought last week.
I got this little pumpkin to carve out and put a tea light in tonight. I still don't know what we are having for dinner but I'm thinking we'll make pizza. I'll cut up all the stuff and the kids can put them together, add a salad with this red and green leaf lettuce, some fruit skewers, and brownies for dessert. I got out all of my halloween/fall stuff last night, including a little halloween costume for a little stuffed dog we have named Raisinette. So Ezra should be happy.
The eggs were a thought while shopping for some pork chops. Some of the vegetarians like hard boiled ones, so I'll cook a few and have the rest for breakfast this week.
These tomato 2nds looked pretty good so I may whip up some bruschutta, too.
The sunflowers and eucalyptus looked so great this week that I decided to do a repeat. My tuberose finally quit blooming and scenting the room, so I picked up another of those. I made the little vase up with left over eucalyptus and flowers from my yard.
We had finally used the mountain of potatoes i'd gotten earlier, so I pick up a box for this week.
An immediate care center was giving flu shots at the market so I got mine while I was there. Gotta love one stop shopping!
On the way back we decided to eat at Sweet and Savory.


donna said...

Never thought about carving out the tiny pumpkins, but it's a great idea. Raisinette dressed in a Halloween costume, how cute does that sound? I'm not a vegetarian, but I do eat a hard boiled egg almost every morning. I clicked on all your photos to enlarge and noticed the flu shot sign. Made me smile....the one stop shopping. I have something going on now - body aches, fever, cough. Haven't been out of the yard for days. I can only imagine the great blog posts you'd come up with if you were the owner of Sweet and Savory. Are those members of your family sitting in front of the restaurant? Amy flying back home today?

ArtCricket2 said...

Hi Donna! I just hollowed the pumpkin out so it would be like a luminaire (sp?). Ezra LOVED Raisinette. I hadn't had the batteries in her since he was born and so her barking and moving was fun for him.
Sorry to hear you're feeling bad- hope whatever it is , it is over soon! The S and S people were random folks. Amy leaves tomorrow. We've had a great time.

Jim said...

Hey cuz! I love hearing about your trips to the market. It's almost as good as being there. I should have visited during the summer.

Let me know if the S&S deal is a possibility. It looks like a change is on the horizon for me and my second college career. I'll let you know more later, but I may be looking for a job washing dishes soon.

Yogi said...

Nice array of colors. Looks like a nice little area too. Good luck on the yakking with the business stuff.