Saturday, September 05, 2009

Farmer's market 9/5

This is my first post using only my macbook. This is like being a new driver and not knowing what all the items on the dashboard mean or do! So, we'll see how it goes.
Today is yet ANOTHER gorgeous day in Louisville. Have I mentioned how wonderful this summer has been? Such a nice change from our typical sultry, humid summertime.
The market was bustling today. I've got to mix up my path next week and go down the left side first or start at the back. Maybe I'll start at Theresa's where I missed out on her incredible apple dumplings the size of a grapefruit! My mouth is still watering. By the time we got to her around 9 AM, the last industrial pan of the 3 she brought had about 5 on it. The line was about 8 people long. I missed getting one. Rats. She uses Honey Crisp apples, the best on earth.
I got these great looking, colorful varieties of sweet potatoes for my mom. I haven't developed a taste for them unless they are cut like fries and fried or baked. Done like a baked potato just doesn't do it for me. But, they are beautiful. I've been in the colorful, unusual vegetables and fruits this year. I just like looking at them!
Happy Jack's was out of Cherokee Purple tomatoes but his beans looked great. I bagged up a half pound but he was no where in sight. I took them with me and paid him on the way out.He said he had the FBI out looking for me.
Mount Eden's plants called to me today. My upstairs window boxes are looking a little sad. A- I haven't watered adequately for two weeks upstairs and B-the sun has moved so that they don't get much light. I'll choose plants differently next year. I'm taking out the begonias and dusty miller and adding these great fall-colored Coleus. Aren't they just the best and a bargain for 3 bucks each? I didn't get any cut flowers so I could enjoy these guys until frost.
The new, young guy, who's name I MUST learn, had Cherokee Purple and the okra (again, multicolored!). I'm giving Mom half the okra and we are having okra and rice one night this weekend.
Got the giant cuke from Charles and started to get peaches, but I have a watermelon I need to eat and some apples.
Another fellow had heirloom tomatoes for a bargain. $1.50/pound and I got a couple from him. He'll be my first stop next week. He's saved seeds from his daddy's tomatoes years ago. He threw in an extra that needs to be eaten today! Yum.
Aren't these peppers beautiful? I can't wait to see them in a salad. Again, the color variety sold me.
The little bouquet is from last week's Dixie Cup purchase.
A stop for ground buffalo and we headed to Sweet and Savory for breakfast (next week I plan to wait in the huge line for an omelet no matter what!)
Another fine day at the Farmer's Market. (and publishing success, too!)


Sue said...

What a gorgeous and delicious post!

donna said...

Lucky you, a new computer. I'm assuming the macbook is new. Sweet potatoes.....mash them with brown sugar and butter and you'll luv them. Nice that you do farmer's market photos and posts for me to enjoy because I've not been good about going to fm. Find myself stopping at the produce stands that seem to be on every corner. I like the fm experience. But I probably wouldn't stop for the ground buffalo...even though I've never tasted it.

ArtCricket2 said...

Buffalo is yummy! If u like beef, it tastes better and is much better for you. We use the ground and stew meat most.
We love the free range chicken. He'll be back from Ethiopia this week.
Thanks to you and Lindalou for stopping by!

ArtCricket2 said...

And sue! I read hers previously! I want to get to your market again soon!