Sunday, September 06, 2009

Remember my flower boxes and morning glory?

Here is it 4 months later and look at these! I can't even see the fence anymore and the morning glory has fallen over my neighbor's side of the fence. I hope it looks pretty over there, too. The vine is even starting to creep into the oak leaf hydrangea!
I thought my window boxes looked so lovely when just planted. But, wow, aren't they spectacular now? I learned a few things about what will do well and not do well in the top and bottom boxes. The Goldilocks is a definite keeper as are the impatiens but the orange daisy-like ones didn't do well, not enough sun. I like the tall purple spiky flower (not blooming here) and little purple vine flower, too.
I have just planted the coleus from the market yesterday in the 2nd floor window boxes. Almost everything I planted didn't do much in those boxes, they are shadier. So, next year I'll try the same thing I planted in the lower ones.
I'll take a picture of the newly replanted boxes soon, it's raining!


Lindalou said...

Wow...those window boxes are spectacular! Don't you just love to watch things grow.

donna said...

I always enjoy before and after photos and these are exceptionally good. The orange impatiens look so nice up against the brick on your house.