Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Found Treasure

When my mother-in-law, Jerry, died a few years ago and the family was going through her possessions, I took a bunch of things no one else would want, earrings without a mate, old white gloves, board games and pieces,etc. Among the things I took was a somewhat heavy pallet that I thought I would use for a cushion when my grandson slept on the floor. I could tell it probably had an old quilt on something hidden inside the sewn together sheets And I do mean sewn together! It was almost quilted in some places which probably kept me from exploring it sooner.

Today I needed to do some laundry and while in the basement I needed to get some empty plastic bins for my friend to use to haul dishes to her daughter's wedding this Friday. Thankfully, I had cleaned out some stuff, and was reminded of how much more "stuff" I need to go through and do something with. Ah, 4 empty bins! Which got me looking to at least do a little organizing. A quick "what could I get rid of?". I stacked up the baby car seats that await another grandchild and came across the "pallet". Hum. I have some time this morning and for the first time, I saw the hint of something turquoise, the new color of my bedroom! I just happened to have a pair of scissors that was heading upstairs that I grabbed and cut a piece of the sheet covering.

Wowie Zowie! Look at this cool quilt! I love, love, love the colors and while it is not all in good shape, I think a good bit is usable. I'm taking it tomorrow to church to show to some of my quilter friends for consultation. I hope it will soon rest over the back of my wicker chair in the bedroom. Won't it look great when my Woodie painting is framed and hung in that corner, too?

I'm so excited! I wish I knew who made it and the history. It is hand quilted. I'm sorry my MIL isn't here to tell me. I'll check with the sibs but Jim had no idea.
Don't you love a found treasure?


Yogi said...

nice find... Hidden treasure. Big grin

Lindalou said...

Lucky you. I love family quilts. Hope you can find out who made it. The history makes them so much more interesting.

Make sure you show us the final product.

Sue said...

OHHHHHHH Beth!!!! What a wonderful treasure to find! So cool!

donna said...

How lucky are you? Let us know what your quilter friends say about it. Luv the color.

okanagan_spirit said...

What a beautiful treasure, the colours are so vivid. How lucky for you.